So… what’s with the monsters?

A couple of dulahans

A couple of dulahans

Monsters are cool. Yes they are, I mean how could monsters not be cool? Anyway, as we’re all agreed they are, you now know why we’ve chosen them as our theme for the convention. Complete with the Monster that is Manchester as our convention mascot (check out our posters), for the duration of the convention, you’ll find monsters dotted around wherever they can fit… or where they can’t, for that matter.

MancsterCon 2013 poster

MancsterCon 2013 poster

There being so many of them, we’re bound to forget a few from time to time, so if you know of a good ‘un, send us a sketch or maybe even a full coloured oil painting if you prefer, for our Monster Auction where we’ll be bidding monster drawings to raise funds for the Manchester Digital Laboratory. We’re also putting together a Mancsterthology for the convention, an anthology of comics, illustrations and other visual goodness on the theme of Monsters. Images can be in full colour or b&w and formatted for A5 printing. Deadline for submissions is the 23rd July. Even if you’re unable to be a part of the anthology, you can still be a part of our e-zine. Send us your work at any time and we’ll put it up and share it with a link to your website and further information.

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