What to look out for at the 2013 MancsterCon

squidillustrationWith so much packed into our two day (three day if you buy tickets from the eventbrite site, allowing you preview access to the stalls on the 2nd August, as well as as of yet undisclosed special social events), you’ll want to know exactly what’s going on so you don’t miss anything good.

Day One: 2nd August

This is the day when our stallholders get to come in, set up their tables and meet the other exhibitors. In the evening, we’ll be going out for drinks and possibly more in the Northern Quarter.

1200 – MadLab will be open for stallholders to set up

1400 – First Entrance: Preview ticket holders will get a chance to buy from the exhibitors. Submissions for MancsterCon barcamp will be accepted.

1600 – The Friday screening commences. The feature film will be ‘Sita Sings the Blues‘ by Nina Paley.

1800 – MancsterCon shuts up, ready for the new day…

Day Two: 3rd August

And so it begins…

1000: The MancsterCon officially opens, trading begins and a new era dawns.

1200 – 1230: Pauline Sometime, comic book uber-fan of rainbow hair fame, will be giving a talk on gender, representation and comics titled, ‘Twisted Sisters, and, Ladies Die First – problems with the representation of women in comics’

1245: The first animation screening of the convention, courtesy of Gareth Crook.

1330: Second talk of the day given by Andrew Chiu on Manga Studio 5 followed by a Q&A session

1415: 1415: COSPLAY SKETCH OFF (several rounds of competitive sketching of willing cosplayer models)

1500: Second animated short screening, this time featuring the hauntingly beautiful work of Rachel Gibson.

1545: Third talk of the day will be from MadLab’s resident graphic novel group devotee, Holly Cruise.

1630: Last screening of the day, showing the work of Nadia Marroushi

1800: Trading ends. Those with the courage to do so launch an attack on the bars of the Northern Quarter.

2100: Party at Gullivers courtesy of Doki Doki!

Day Three: 4th August

It just keeps getting better!

1000: And so begins the last day of the MancsterCon – stalls will be downstairs, talks and workshops upstairs

1300 – 1500: Creative Writing Workshop hosted by Sarah Logan

1630: What you’ve all been waiting for – the Cosplay catwalk!

1800: Trading ends and we bid adieu… until next year…

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