What’s in Store for MancsterCon 2013

We are so hyped about the first ever MancsterCon, coming to you 2nd-4th August at the Northern Quarter’s own MadLab. With animation screenings, movie nights, a J-pop party, talks, workshops and cosplay, the MancsterCon promises to be a convention packed with homegrown comics related goodness.



Amongst our exhibitors will be Andrew Tunney, creator of the award nominated GIRL&BOY, a Northern Quarter tale of youthful infatuation and the power of love told through the medium of superheroes. Other local artists include Rachel Gibson, a worker of elegant magic in the form of paper art and puppetry, who will also be showing some of her animated films as part of the screenings that will take place on 3rd August.

The screenings will also feature work from local animators including Gareth Crook and Nadia Marroushi and we’re expecting (but only because we’ve been promised!) some serious cosplay action from the guys and gals of Manchester and the North West.
There will be a wide range of activities during the course of the weekend. Friday is the preview where you will get an opportunity to meet the artists, get some spoilers on what’s next for the convention and sit down to view some inspiring indie animation. Although we always aim to show off the local, our feature film will be ‘Sita Sings the Blues‘ by Nina Paley, a film that is part modern tragicomedy, part mythical reenactment and part literary criticism in the form of a full length animated movie. To get access to the preview, you just need to buy a ticket from the eventbrite page and wave it around in our faces so we know you’re allowed in…

Sita Sings the Blues

On Saturday, the main convention begins with trading from 10am-6pm downstairs, talks and screenings from local animators taking place upstairs. Any attending cosplayers can expect free cake and sign up for their chance to shine on the red carpet where they can strut their stuff on Sunday’s cosplay catwalk. Most importantly, we’ll be celebrating the first day of the MancsterCon with a J-pop party at Gullivers from 9pm so make sure you’re dressed appropriately!

That’s not all either. As well as the trading downstairs which will continue on Sunday, there will be a creative writing workshop kindly hosted by Sarah Logan from 1pm-3pm. You can expect some more talks and fun activities, capped off with the cosplay catwalk that will see MancsterCon 2013 go out with a bang until next year.

So get your ticket, plump up the petticoats, gather your loose change and put glitter in your hair in preparation for the first ever indie sequential art convention to hit the Northern Quarter!

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