And so it begins…

1492537_10201972465607503_1507679817_oPreparation for MancsterCon2014 is already underway. Once again we’re planning to give you a long weekend full of beautiful comics, fun events, sparkly cake and cosplay fabulousness from 8th-10th August. For those of you who like to get in there extra early, you can start booking your tickets here and tell as many people as you can that the MancsterCon is back with a vengeance!

As usual we’ll be hosting talks and workshops during the day so if anyone is interested in leading an event, let us know. There will also be lots of cosplay events such as a catwalk, sketch off and crafty costuming sessions. There is something for everyone at the MancsterCon!


This year we’re also planning to host a week long festival from 4th-9th August which will feature screenings of local animation, talks and seminars. If you’d like to be a part of it, send an email to We would especially love to hear from local animators who might have something to show – be it a short or a feature length film, length is no option! Speakers of all stripes – from academics to hardcore comic/animation fans – are wanted to show off just how great the Manchester sequential art scene really is.


So we’ll leave it there for now and hope that we have successfully enticed you to join our merrie band of artists and fanatics. Get in touch by twitter, email, on tumblr or even owl post if you’d prefer and we hope to see you there!

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