March Cosplay Sketch-Off

This months Sketch-off was a historical event for us at MancsterCon… or at least, a shistorical as it can be considering we haven’t even reached our first birthday. But no matter, the March Cosplay Sketch happened to be the first with it’s own workshop, a new feature we hope to see more of at our events.

Julie showing us what's what

Julie showing us what’s what

Led by Julie Johnson of local Girl Geeks fame, cosplayers, artists and extras alike banded together to take part in an introductory e-textiles workshop which took us on a conductive journey through the world of soft electronic, culminating in a stitching session where we got the chance to stitch our LEDs to ribbons. A great idea for the cosplay maker!

Artists at work

Artists at work

After the workshop we settled down to a series of life drawing sessions where artists were again given the opportunity to sketch our brilliant and enthusiastic cosplayers who posed like they’ve never posed before. It was great to see some new faces and see some brilliant work being done.

We hope this will be the first of many such workshops at the Cosplay Sketch-off. It’s wonderful meeting people with so many different talents, reach out to the Cosplaying community, teaching new skills and giving new ideas. If you’re a bit of a maker and have a great idea for a workshop, or perhaps would like to give a talk at one of our upcoming events, let us know by sending an email to

A bobbed Sir Integra!

A bobbed Sir Integra!

Want to see more of what we get up to at the Cosplay Sketch off? Plenty of pictures over here

Want to get involved? Here’s a list of our upcoming Events:

5th April – Cosplay Sketch-off (Manchester Digital Laboratory, 6:30pm)

3rd May – Cosplay Sketch-off (Manchester Digital Laboratory, 6:30pm)

There will be no June/July sketch off!

8th-10th August: MancsterCon 2014 (Manchester Digital Laboratory, 10:00am – 6:00pm)

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