Call for Submissions


Attention animators!

If you’re a local animator (or someone who’s willing to travel to Manchester for a weekend!), come along and join in the chance to showcase your work at MancsterCon 2014. We want to give the full breadth of all that’s happening in the sequential arts, from comics to games to, that’s right, animation so we would love to hear from you and get to show off what Manchester’s indie scene is all about.

Submissions of all genres and all lengths will be accepted. Get in touch for more information.

Our First MancsterCon Seminar

whyaliensdontcometoindiaposterThank you to everyone who supported out first ever seminar, National Preoccupations; Why Aliens Don’t Come to India, given by our very own Academic Advisor, Sonia Soans. We hope this will be the first of many such events where the world of comic studies and comic fans collide to create an extra geeky kind of synergy!

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Come join us!


A rainy evening in 2013, a bunch of comic and manga fans got together and dreamed of a home grown Manchester convention where sequential artists could showcase their work, swap tips and maybe even make a spot of loose change along the way. Somehow or other, the dream has gradually approached becoming a reality and has given birth to the first MancsterCon, an animation and comics convention bringing you the best talent in the North West.

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Would you like to sponsor us?


MancsterCon 2014 poster

It’s not just local artists we like to put the focus on, but also local businesses. Last year, local comic stores donated goodie bags packed with comics for our early bird attendees, and our fabulous sparkly cupcakes came discounted, courtesy of Apple and Charlotte.

This year, we’ll be hosting more and bigger events from screenings to workshops and sketch-offs. If you are a local business and would be interested in sponsoring us, it would be wonderful to hear from you. In return, your name shall be extolled throughout the interwebs and showered with praise and free editions of our zine.

Get in touch by email or drop us a tweet @MancsterCon.