Come join us!


A rainy evening in 2013, a bunch of comic and manga fans got together and dreamed of a home grown Manchester convention where sequential artists could showcase their work, swap tips and maybe even make a spot of loose change along the way. Somehow or other, the dream has gradually approached becoming a reality and has given birth to the first MancsterCon, an animation and comics convention bringing you the best talent in the North West.

The first convention turned out to be a success with amazing artists from all over the North West gathered in one building to strut their stuff and display their artistic talents to the general public. We had local cosplayers take part in our sketch-offs and our catwalk where the three best in house were awarded crowns for their wonderful efforts. The support from the general public and the various comic communities in Manchester was truly brilliant and inspired us to keep the MancsterCon spirit alive.

This year, the convention will be held at the Manchester Digital Laboratory (or the MadLab as it’s known on the streets) and will feature a series of talks, barcamps and screenings from the 8th-10th August. Get your ticket here and join us for a weekend of living, breathing, selling, buying and flat out luxuriating in the world of indie sequential art.

Would you like to take part? Would you like to hire a table, give a talk or are you just a little bit intrigued by all of these goings on? Feel free to contact the organisers at

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