Our First MancsterCon Seminar

whyaliensdontcometoindiaposterThank you to everyone who supported out first ever seminar, National Preoccupations; Why Aliens Don’t Come to India, given by our very own Academic Advisor, Sonia Soans. We hope this will be the first of many such events where the world of comic studies and comic fans collide to create an extra geeky kind of synergy!

It was a great event where we learned about the origin of the Amar Chitra Katha series and how representations of India’s ‘glorious’ past reflects contemporary political and social necessities. It was rounded off by an invigorating question and answer session where we discussed the impact of the colonial experience on genre fiction in present day post-colonial nations as well as the way tropes and themes in genre movies give an insight into the way contemporary cultures see themselves and their at times dubious heritage.


Unfortunately, the livestreaming did not live up to its usual standards but fear not, the seminar has been uploaded to our youtube channel. Stay tuned for news about upcoming seminars and meetups by following us on Facebook or Twitter.



Before we go, here’s a little gem from the seminar, a scene from the 1963 Bollywood Horror film Bees Saal Baad:

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