The Rules of Cosplay

1010330_10201499410718099_1319754059_nHear ye, hear ye! Our very own Molly H has something she thinks bears repeating so listen up and pay attention!



When I went to my first anime convention in 2010 (Japanese Culture Con in Derby) with my friend, we decided to cosplay as the Thompson sisters from Soul Eater. Why? Because we had similar attributes. My friend was slightly taller than me and I had short blonde hair at the time and share *ahem* “two certain” features as Patti.


But there was trouble on the horizon. We weren’t professional tailors and our cosplays weren’t straight from the manga; my friend had to get a cheap brown wig, our tops were basically turtleneck maroon jumpers cut to be similar as Liz and Patti’s (mine ended up being cut too short and had to be tucked under my bra for security and an incident involving the removal of a sumo suit resulted in my bra being exposed to several nervous fanboys, a scene that would’ve fit perfectly in your typical ecchi) and even though we’re pretty slim girls, we’re still girls who get a little bit more than self-conscious about our bodies. If you’ve never read or watched Soul Eater, let me explain. The Thompson sisters wear crop tops and the sister I was cosplaying, Patti, also wears shorts. Can you see our problem?


I had seen pictures of amazing cosplayers on the internet and thought to myself about how perfect they looked and how hard they must’ve worked on what some people see as an art form. And then I saw how people mocked “bad” cosplays and “fat girl” cosplayers and felt sick. Maybe cosplaying when neither of us had cosplayed before wasn’t such a good idea, especially when even though we weren’t overweight by any means; we weren’t as skinny as Liz and Patti. But it was too late; the train and con tickets had been paid for.


When we arrived to the venue and joined the queue, we had our jackets on but our white cowboy hats made it clear who we were. We were greeted with “Oh my god! Liz and Patti! Can we see your cosplays? Wow! You guys look awesome!”


This is the thing with conventions; if you see someone wearing a t-shirt of or cosplaying a character from a fandom you’re a part of, you instantly become friends! It’s like that scene from Stepbrothers but with like 99% of people you meet. It got even better when a gothic Lolita shouted “Death the Kid! We found your weapons!” and we turned to see an awesome Death the Kid cosplayer who we hung out with all day, posing the famous pose the characters do (and before you ask, yes I stayed in character and made sure I deliberately did the pose wrong).
People still seem to think that there are certain rules to cosplaying. You have to be the same race and body type as your character, if you’re a “fat” girl you just can’t cosplay (but apparently it’s fine if you’re a big douche – I mean guy) and that there are good and bad ways at making your costume.


I’m here to tell you that there are only two rules to cosplaying:


              1. Have fun
              2. Don’t be a dick


Because fandoms and characters aside, we’re all just a bunch of nerds playing dress up.

No really, don't be a dick.

No really, don’t be a dick.


Written by Molly Hutchinson

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