Ravi Thornton speaking at MancsterCon 2014

MancsterCon is delighted to announce that author Ravi Thornton of Ziggy’s press will be giving a talk on Friday 8th August, about her work and acclaimed graphic novel, HOAX.

RAVIpress10Ravi Thornton is an award-winning cross-media writer from Manchester. She is keenly interested in narrative environment as storytelling device, and an active advocate of collaboration. Her new project CIRCUS launches next year. Her current project HOAX has recently been shortlisted for the Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize. Her first project THE TALE OF BRIN & BENT AND MINNO MARYLEBONE won Best Debut Book, Broken Frontier Awards and was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. She was shortlisted for the Observer Graphic Short Story Prize and Winner of the Barry Reckord Bursary Award. Ravi is founder of social enterprise Ziggy’s Wish, that aims to inspire empathy and understanding around social issues via collaborative cross-media storytelling.

We’re especially pleased to get the chance to hear from an artist who makes collaboration a central part of her work, bringing together narrative, ballet, animation and illustrative art to incorporate themes relating to issues from mental health to poverty and terrorism.


Ravi Thornton will be speaking at Terrace NQ from 2:30pm. For any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask one of our volunteers!  Announcements will be made before the talk commences.


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