Collaboration Hub at MancsterCon 2014

shakinghandsAs well as a plethora of comic artists, illustrators, animators and indie game developers, MancsterCon is also hosting a space where we hope artists and anyone interested in making a difference in their local community can meet up and exchange ideas for future collaboration. From regular meetups such as Cosplay sketch offs, seminars and workshops, we’ve discovered the small but intriguing difference that the world of sequential art can make.

Led by Florence Okoye, the Hub will be an opportunity for skill sharing and and ideas gathering:


Living in Manchester, one of the things I very quickly learned was that there is a lot of good and imaginative work being done, including some really challenging and exciting activism, but sometimes it’s hard to maintain a long term engagement with the local community. Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only one with an idea, only to discover much later that there was someone else with a similar passion who could have provided the skills you lacked!

I’m really interested in exploring ways that the sequential arts can help bridge that gap, by encouraging informal collaboration between people within the community who are also interested in finding ways of making research, ideas and all the other good things Manchester is famous for more accessible. I’m really looking forward to meeting others with a similar interest and hope we can have some cool discussions over some very delicious cupcakes.

The Collaboration Hub will be open from 1:00pm tomorrow and on Sunday 10th August in the Manchester Digital Laboratory and Terrace respectively. We hope to see you there!

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