A Mancster at the Expo!

10653429_812213908845029_3739899757925366650_nLast weekend saw the Mancsters come out to play from our hideyholes to head on down to the Play Expo! That’s right, we’d been invited to hold a Cosplay sketch-off at one of the biggest independent gaming conventions in the UK and we were looking forward to it! Having attended previous shows, we were hyped up for a day of arcade games, tabletop competitions and amazing cosplay of course!


Special mention must go to the Dark Cleo crew with whom we shared a staging area. We were really impressed by their great performances – the choreography for the Street Fighter showdown was really cool and they put on such a wide range of events, from quizzes to martial arts demos that it was hard to get away.

For the Cosplay Sketch-off, we were lucky to have a few attendee cosplayers model for us, including the Catwalk winner, The Starlight Fairy as a spangly Princess Sarah, and the ever impressive Pipa Wolf as the Naga Siren. The winners were Giuseppa Barresi, Mewa Chu and Erin Dean, who all won free tables at MancsterCon 2015!

Thank you so much to Play Expo for having us and we look forward to doing similar events in the future 🙂


We were so excited by it, we even did a short vlog about it! Check it out and let us know what you enjoyed the most about the 2o14 Play Expo. Above all, follow us on Twitter for more updates about future events, or, if you’d like us to host a sketch-off at your show, why not get in touch? We’re a friendly bunch! 😀

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