Chaos at the Con!

It’s getting hard to keep up with all the lovely and talented people who’ll be exhibiting at MancsterCon 2015 but try we will. The gorgeous work of Discord Design will also be featured at this years’ convention.


We fell in love with the sheer range of artwork and the jaw-dropping colouring so you can imagine how happy we are that she’ll be making an appearance at the MancsterCon.

Come along and check out more of her work and that of an ever growing number of other talented folks. You can also follow her blog on tumblr.

Rozi Hathaway at MancsterCon 2015!

We’re happy to confirm that Rozi Hathaway, author of The Red Road, will be exhibiting at MancsterCon 2015.

Rozi Hathaway is an illustrator, comics writer and creativity enthusiast based in Northampton, UK. Currently studying for a degree in Illustration, she is heavily drawn to narrative within her work and she has recently branched out in to writing, with her comic The Red Road self-published this year. Previously she has worked as one of the ten illustrators featured in the graphic memoir, HOAX Psychosis Blues by Ravi Thornton.

This is Rozi’s first year with MancsterCon and we’re especially pleased as we

Illustration for HOAX Psychosis Blues

Illustration for HOAX Psychosis Blues

were privileged to host a talk by Ravi Thornton on HOAX Psychosis Blues at the 2014 convention. We really loved her illustrative work and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for her table.

Bring on the Storm

Yes we’re rather enjoying making ever more dramatic/referential headlines for our ‘Guess who’s exhibiting at MancsterCon 2015’ posts, why do you ask?

VoxelStorm, an indie game development studio based in England and Scotland has the honour of being the first indie game developers to confirm attendance at MancsterCon 2015. This means they get extra cakes and possibly pizza, if we get the funding.

Anyhoo, go forth and check out their amazing work, especially AdvertCity which is up for nominations on Steam. These guys are super enthusiastic, ridonkulously talented programmers with great ties and haircuts.

Looking forward to August!

Can I get an Amen?

Yes, girl! Sammy Holden from Obscure Film Studio will be featured amongst the exhibitors and vendors at MancsterCon 2015.

Selling her art, prints and attempting to surreptitiously film us for posterity (or at least ’til the week after), Sammy Holden is returning to MancsterCon for her second year and you know what? We’re pretty darn glad to see her again.

And that’s the truth of it all!

I can see a hadron, you can see a hadron! We all see hadrons!

This is a public announcement. The King of the Common Swings, Chris Browning, is back at MancsterCon, selling his zines and hadron plushies.

We’re thrilled to see him again as we’re big fans of his satirical take on ’30s style guides to life and the universe. As science geeks, we can’t deny that we wish quark-based hadrons were as cute as these little creatures:


Maybe there’s a teaching aid for you Physics teachers out there. Just a thought.

Anyway, check out his Etsy site for more cool stuff to buy but also don’t forget to come and visit him at MancsterCon 2015.