Rozi Hathaway at MancsterCon 2015!

We’re happy to confirm that Rozi Hathaway, author of The Red Road, will be exhibiting at MancsterCon 2015.

Rozi Hathaway is an illustrator, comics writer and creativity enthusiast based in Northampton, UK. Currently studying for a degree in Illustration, she is heavily drawn to narrative within her work and she has recently branched out in to writing, with her comic The Red Road self-published this year. Previously she has worked as one of the ten illustrators featured in the graphic memoir, HOAX Psychosis Blues by Ravi Thornton.

This is Rozi’s first year with MancsterCon and we’re especially pleased as we

Illustration for HOAX Psychosis Blues

Illustration for HOAX Psychosis Blues

were privileged to host a talk by Ravi Thornton on HOAX Psychosis Blues at the 2014 convention. We really loved her illustrative work and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for her table.

One thought on “Rozi Hathaway at MancsterCon 2015!

  1. […] The Red Road and other goodies, and I can’t wait to start putting together more bits to sell! You can read the announcement on their blog here, and purchase tickets here! I’m also excited to be exhibiting in the same space as the […]

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