Introducing Kate-Mia White

Another newbie who we’re welcoming on board to MancsterCon is Kate-Mia White, a Leeds based artist and writer and… well, why don’t we let her introduce herself: 2013 1014 SJE 50426-2

Kate-Mia white is an illustrator and writer based in Leeds. She studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art. For the past year she has been exhibiting and selling highly detailed prints and comics set in a steam punk world. She has now just stared her new and exciting comic A Dark Forest a story concerning two sister and disturbing tales, set amongst the backdrop of an old and mysterious forest…

We pretty much instantly fell in love with her gorgeously detailed, meticulous style and we think you will too. Support Kate’s work by following her on twitter and getting your earlybird tickets to MancsterCon (which will get you a goodie bag and entry to the after party). Look forward to seeing you there!

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