The coming of the dawn to MancsterCon 2015

Viridian Dawn will be joining us at MancsterCon 2015, showing her wide range of beautiful landscapes:

far_beyond_by_erisiar-d80gne1 ‘Viridian Dawn, better known as Erisiar, is an artist and illustrator using PhotoShop to create brightly coloured dream worlds heavily inspired by anime landscapes and scenery. She is currently aiming towards making and releasing her first graphic novel’

Check out more of her gorgeous art on her DeviantArt page.

Bunbury Magazine at MancsterCon 2015

Issue 7The guys from Bunbury Magazine will be joining us for MancsterCon 2015! We love a good zine and theirs is most certainly a good ‘un. Issue 7 can be read online – make sure you bookmark their site and follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news and shout outs.

Bunbury Publishing LTD. is committed to giving a platform to young and emerging writers and artists from all walks of life. We currently work with chapbooks and digital magazines. Our flagship magazine is Bunbury Magazine, an on-line arts-and-lit ‘zine. We have showcased poetry, short stories, non-fiction, art, photography and done interviews with all manner of musicians, playwrights, comedians and pretty much anything you can care to think of.
For the future, we are launching two more ‘zines. Do The Write Thing; a round-up of the live spoken word event we run and #PoemADayForAYear, the collected insanities of Christopher Moriarty, our co-creator, who decided to undertake a mammoth and ridiculous challenge.
Our other co-creator, Keri-Ann Edwards, thinks the madness will not stop at his own.

Himmi at MancsterCon 2015

Great news! Moon Garage will be one of the various artists joining us at MancsterCon this year:

sample2MOON GARAGE is the home of various works by Himmi, such as the fantasy slice-of-life manga, Chrysanthemum Alley, and the crude humour 4 panel comic This Is A Terrible Comic. When she’s not drawing comics, she is probably crying about some fictional characters whilst sipping pints of tea.

The return of the Picture Man!

Mr. Picto is back at MancsterCon 2015 with his array of comics and Cthulhu inspired objet d’arts. Animator and comic artist known for combining a very unique northern charm and gothic sensibility, it’s great to see him return, especially as we’ve been been bumping into him on his tour of all the major cons last year!

MancsteconPoster (1)

We’d also like to give special credit for designing our amazing Mary Poppins inspired 2015 poster, available as a print upon request.

Miriam Khan at MancsterCon 2015

We’re excited to announce that Miriam Khan, author of The Lebrus Stone, will be at MancsterCon 2015, both as an exhibitor and as a member of the writers’ panel alongside writers Alicia Wright, Ninfa Hayes, David Lascelles and R.A. Smith.

Hailing from Cheshire, Miriam writes in a wide range of genre from fantasy to historical and paranormal. Her first novel was published in November 2014 and her second novel, Seasons of Time, was out 27th January.