Bunbury Magazine at MancsterCon 2015

Issue 7The guys from Bunbury Magazine will be joining us for MancsterCon 2015! We love a good zine and theirs is most certainly a good ‘un. Issue 7 can be read online – make sure you bookmark their site and follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news and shout outs.

Bunbury Publishing LTD. is committed to giving a platform to young and emerging writers and artists from all walks of life. We currently work with chapbooks and digital magazines. Our flagship magazine is Bunbury Magazine, an on-line arts-and-lit ‘zine. We have showcased poetry, short stories, non-fiction, art, photography and done interviews with all manner of musicians, playwrights, comedians and pretty much anything you can care to think of.
For the future, we are launching two more ‘zines. Do The Write Thing; a round-up of the live spoken word event we run and #PoemADayForAYear, the collected insanities of Christopher Moriarty, our co-creator, who decided to undertake a mammoth and ridiculous challenge.
Our other co-creator, Keri-Ann Edwards, thinks the madness will not stop at his own.

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