Gamer Gate and ‘The Promise of Happiness’

Like Fish.

femkill Sara Ahmed is the professor of Race and Cultural Studies at Goldsmith’s College at the University of London. I was given her 2010 book, “The Promise of Happiness,” as a gift, with the caveat that I was, in fact, a “feminist killjoy.”

Ahmed offers an analysis of how happiness is invented for people before they have a say in it, how that happiness comes to define us, and why we shouldn’t let it. We sense an obligation toward our own happiness, a duty, Ahmed notes, outlined before we ever have a say. Examples abound: Parents who warn their gay teenagers, “I just want you to be happy” as a warning that homosexuality will deprive them of that parent’s vision of future happiness. Or calls for minorities to stop finding things to complain about, to “think positively,” an encouragement to perpetuate the happiness of those with the privilege to enjoy it. Or…

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