Tables at MancsterCon 2015 now sold out!

We’ve been a bit quiet with updating our blog but at least we remember to share good news when we get it. And this time, the good news is, we have sold out all our tables for MancsterCon 2015!

MancsteconPosterWebIt’s really amazing seeing all the interest in our little indie con (as we like to call it) and quite humbling considering how we started out with a crazy idea and not much else. We live in… interesting times to be sure, and it’s never been more important to celebrate and support local artists and creators, a goal MancsterCon has always aspired to.

Thanks to people’s donations and time and serious talent, we’ve been able to keep going for our third year and we’re determined to make 2015 the best yet. For those who have been unsuccessful in applying for a table, there are lots of other ways to get involved in the con, from donating prizes to our competitions to guest judging our cosplay events. Do get in touch for more details.

In the meantime, go forth and buy your earlybird tickets, available until the end of July. Each ticket comes with a goodie bag and a raffle ticket so you don’t want to miss out (unless you don’t like freebies and/or cake).

All the best and see you then!

One thought on “Tables at MancsterCon 2015 now sold out!

  1. Reblogged this on Red Saints Blue Devils and commented:
    😀 Hope to you see you see soon in Salford.

    And I’ve got some great deals for Chibi Commissions in both Inked (Black and White) and Colour versions – Only £8 (Inked) and £20 (Colour) and you can collect your artwork in Mancstercon for free exclusively!!

    And don’t forget to visit my Patreon page if you wish to see me draw more stuff for you.

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