Cosplay Catwalk at MancsterCon 2015!

As we approach the day of comics, games and cosplay, it’s really time we let you know about some of the amazing events and things to do at MancsterCon 2015.

In the finest tradition of cons around the world, we’ll be ending MancsterCon with the Cosplay Catwalk, the event we’ve all been waiting for! Cosplayers of all levels and genres are welcome to join – with four main categories and a number of surprise categories to be revealed on the day, there’s always the opportunity to win a special prize…

…what, more cake? I hear you ask. Oh no no no, this year, as well as tiaras galore, we’re pleased to say you could win a pair of weekend tickets to SuperByte 2015 as well as a range of other goodies and prizes. For more information, have a gander at our official Cosplay Catwalk page.


Want to sign up in advance? Get in touch via email or Twitter.

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