Special Event on Today: 8-Bit Exhibit at Hope Mill

For those of you in Manchester this weekend, make you you check out the 8 Bit Exhibit all day today at the Pollard Mill. With great music, art and the opportunity to win a Gameboy camera and printer, this is definitely an exhibition worth visiting!

In 1998, Nintendo released the GameBoy Camera and a matching thermal printer. The camera took, as you could imagine, incredibly pixelated and low res, but equally beautiful and fascinating tiny images that a friend and I, have took upon us to produce.

Over 15,000 of these retro prints will be printed and scaled on a huge wall of material, giving an impressive great wall of these wondrous, nostalgic shots. They will also be scattered all over the white vinyl floor we’re having. Though we will be having a pathway to allow movement and viewing.

On top of that, we will have 2 GameBoys and cameras with printers suspended from the ceiling so guests can print their own shots and stick them on the colossal wall of images if they wish. The whole event will have a cool, nostalgic vibe that hopes to bring the past to the future for your enjoyment.

Would you like to win a GameBoy Camera and Printer with paper to print on for yourself? Attendees on the Saturday (22nd) will be eligible to win said prize after we judge who has printed the most impressive shot and placed them on the wall from the Nintendo retroware. Attendees from the previous date are eligible, as long as they attend BOTH dates.

Watch the making of video here:

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