Cosplay Sketch-off at Futureworks!

Having just about recovered from our 2015 convention, we started our series of Cosplay Sketch-off events with a Wednesday afternoon meetup kindly hosted by Futureworks college!

Futureworks provides a first rate education in music production, game design and animation as well as a range of other courses perfect for those wanting to pursue careers in the digital arts. It’s a wonderful space filled with excellent, knowledgeable educators and passionate tutors. We’re massive fans of what they do and the quality of work their students produce is always off the charts amazing.

This month’s sketch-off featured Luna Tsukino and Jennifer Lau as our special guest cosplayers and we’re always excited to have such great cosplayers model for our sketch-offs. Check out the photos from the event to get a good look at them pose their stuff! It was also great to see lots of students come along and join in – we’ll bring even more cake next time!

If you’d like to get all the gossip first, why not follow us on Facebook to sign up at our sketch-offs and other events coming up. See you there!

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