Taking it to the Doki Doki!

Now you could say that we at MancsterCon get around a lot. You could say that we’re almost obsessed with encouraging cosplayers and artists to inspire each other over some rounds of mutually enjoyed cupcakes.

You could say that.

And you’d be right.

We were thrilled to be invited to host a Cosplay Sketch-off at the 2015 Doki-Doki festival and the weekend certainly didn’t disappoint. Filled with drummers, martial artists, samurai warriors. There were even some of our MancsterCon alumni amongst the tables such as Brogan Coral, Mewa Chu and Nikki Kidura.

As part of the Doki-Doki festival, we actually held several sketch-offs with the last one as our grand final to determine the best of the best! Here are the winners with their respective cosplayers:



A huge thank you to Doki-Doki for inviting us – we look forward to doing many more. It was such a great event and had a wonderful atmosphere being filled with fans of Japanese culture, ancient and modern as well as some amazingly talented artists and cosplayers. Bring it on for 2017! 😀


Got an event coming up? Want some fun comic-making workshops or a cosplay sketch-off of your own? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and we’re always up for hosting fun activities suitable for all ages 🙂