Manchester has one of the most vibrant Cosplay scenes in the UK. Those of us who love anime and manga know all too well the thrill of seeing a cosplayer in an outfit which is essentially perfect to the merest detail, or re enact a killer move like its no big deal. Whilst we might not have quite the crafty skill, we do love their enthusiasm and have always been keen to support the local Cosplay community.




Since December 2013, MancsterCon has hosted Cosplay Sketch-off events which has grown to attract a number of artists, cosplayers and enthusiasts who gather to listen to music and eat sparkly cake!





We hope to continually strengthen links with local cosplayers and makers. During our March Cosplay Sketch off, we hosted an e-textiles workshop ran by Julie Johnson where a group of sewing amateurs successfully attached glowing LEDs to ribbons. We were very happy to have members of the North West Cosplay join our May Cosplay Sketch-off but most of all we love seeing how we’ve developed new friendships, discovered new artists and thought up new projects over the course of the last six months.


If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, maybe to lead a workshop or just to come along and check it out, get in touch!





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