Stephen Morton

Born in the country Ireland, Kilkenny. Studied In Edinburgh Scotland. Influenced by cultural, institutional, ethnic and familial factors, as well as external aspects pertaining to the extremities of the human experience. Stephen Morton’s work uses the absurd, the fantastic and the grotesque to explore issues of morality and sexuality whilst revelling in the hopelessness and … Continue reading Stephen Morton

Merrick: The Elephant Man

Here’s a brief description of the Joseph Merrick comic: Joseph Merrick: The Elephant Man fucks up the occult, in a Victorian tale of gin joints, black magic and carnival freaks, brought to you by Tom Ward, Luke Parker and Nicholas Shaw. A gaslamp tale set in 1880’s London which steps between historical facts and figures and … Continue reading Merrick: The Elephant Man

Parallel Worlds:Dreams Collide

Written by Ty Berkeley and art by Enzo Esposito, Parallel Worlds: Dreams Collide is a fast paced and fun, sci-fi fantasy adventure set over three very different alternate versions of Earth. Aliens, demi-gods,  advanced Roman civilisations, Supreme beings and a couple of kids from Manchester are all thrown together in this truly epic graphic novel. … Continue reading Parallel Worlds:Dreams Collide

Paul Jardine

Paul Jardine is a web developer whose comic strip Dino Mania, where the not so important issues of modern life are played out by four alien chums and their emo emu, has been running for the last 10 years. Prior to that he’s been drawing comics since before he can remember. When he is not doodling … Continue reading Paul Jardine

Lucky Target Comics

Lucky Target Comics is an independent Manchester based comic dealer selling single issues from all companies and eras, Golden Age to current, plus lots of complete sets, graphic novels, t-shirts and more. There’s loads more on their website so go forth and have a peek!

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