Events at MancsterCon 2015

Find out about our program of events at MancsterCon 2015!

11am and 1pm: Cosplay Sketch-off

A competitive life-drawing session with a twist: the life-models are cosplayers! Join the Cosplay Sketch-off where you get to sketch and make art based on our cosplayer volunteers. How does it work? Artists are given decreasing intervals of time to sketch the Cosplayer model and then another 2 minutes to finish their work before the … Continue reading 11am and 1pm: Cosplay Sketch-off

Adam Cadwell logo

11:00 Adam Cadwell

The creator of Blood Blokes and founder of the British Comics Awards, speaks about his work and experience in the world of comics. Venue: Digital Lab

1:30pm Irony in Fantasy

Featuring: Ninfa Hayes, Alicia Wright, R A Smith, David Lascelles, Tony Ballantyne, Miriam Khan Although often seen as genre centred around the uncontrollable and irrational, Fantasy is often filled with orthodoxies of its own kind, rules which must be rigidly adhered to or else contravened at the peril of character and author alike. In this panel, we … Continue reading 1:30pm Irony in Fantasy

12:30 Applied Comics and Beyond

Lydia Wysocki, creator of the newcastle Science Comic, discusses her work in leading cross-collaborative and intersectional projects. Venue: Digital Performance Lab

1:00pm Dr David Huxley

Dr David Huxley from the Manchester School of Art will be giving a talk on the impact of fan culture on the evolution of the British Comics Scene.   Venue: Digital Performance Lab

4:30pm Cosplay Catwalk

Rounding up our day of comics and panels, the Cosplay Catwalk will commence at 4:30pm! Sign up at the door to enter and keep an eye out for our volunteers with the clipboards. All cosplayers are welcome, from ‘seasoned costumier’ to ‘newbie-first-time-in-cosplay’, ‘handmade and homespun’ to ‘with a little help from eBay’. We just want to … Continue reading 4:30pm Cosplay Catwalk

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