4:30pm Cosplay Catwalk

Rounding up our day of comics and panels, the Cosplay Catwalk will commence at 4:30pm! Sign up at the door to enter and keep an eye out for our volunteers with the clipboards. All cosplayers are welcome, from ‘seasoned costumier’ to ‘newbie-first-time-in-cosplay’, ‘handmade and homespun’ to ‘with a little help from eBay’. We just want to see you have fun and show us your passion.

To enter, just get yourself a ticket to MancsterCon available to buy here, or on the door!

As well as free cake for all cosplayers, we have four official prizes on offer as well as a few random categories to be revealed on the day…


Best in Show

The overall winner[s] as decided by our special guest judges will receive a pair of weekend tickets to the SuperByte 2015 festival, a celebration of all things low-tech, DIY and lo-fi, where forward-thinking creativity is encouraged through limitation. This year the four day festival will be held on 10th-13th September at The Zoo, Manchester.

Best Steampunk

If there’s anything that makes us of the genteel sort vigorously clap our hands in polite enthusiasm, it’s the sight of a rather well put together bit of kit inspired by our favourite alternate timeline. Blast us away with a shot from your steam powered fashion and win a special Steampunk themed prize!

Best Anime/Manga

From the super kawaii to the uber shonen, we love our anime and manga cosplays and can’t wait to see what you have to show off your stuff.

Best TV/Movie

Have no fear – if your fandom is more a BoJack, Adventure Time, Marvel kind of thing, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to win a prize too! Iron Man or Kimmy Schmidt (or Iron Man with Kimmy Schmidt), all are welcome in the TV/Movie category. Keep it interesting and us entertained.


Extra thanks to our Catwalk sponsors, the brilliant guys from SuperByte Festival.


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