11am and 1pm: Cosplay Sketch-off

cosplaypostersketchA competitive life-drawing session with a twist: the life-models are cosplayers!

Join the Cosplay Sketch-off where you get to sketch and make art based on our cosplayer volunteers.

How does it work?

Artists are given decreasing intervals of time to sketch the Cosplayer model and then another 2 minutes to finish their work before the clock is stopped. There are three rounds so everyone gets the chance to produce three pieces of art

The Cosplayer model gets to select the best of the bunch (and keep the art as a memento). Whichever artist is chosen, has won the sketch-off!

How can I join in?

Easy! We’ll be announcing the event throughout the day with plenty of warning so you can join in. No need to sign up and we’ll provide drawing equipment for you.

I’d Like to be a model!

That’s great to hear! You can sign up on the door or throughout the convention – just ask one of our volunteers and they’ll add you to the list.

Or, if you want to be super organised, sign up below if you’d be interested in modelling at the event:


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