Pipa Wolf

Cosplayer and Games Designer Pipa Wolf will be at MancsterCon 2015, showing her amazing outfits and leading a Cosplay armour workshop that is free to attend with a general entry MancsterCon ticket.

10428630_909409255737751_1699699257099623858_nPipa Wolf is well known for her amazing attention to detail, intricate design work and as techie geeks ourselves, we’ve always loved the way she incorporates new technologies like 3D printing into her production. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Raspberry Pi or two behind the magic somewhere…

A renowned costume artist, Pipa won at the PlayExpo 2014 Cosplay Catwalk with her Naga Siren cosplay and posed for the Cosplay Sketch-off hosted by MancsterCon at the event. We’re so excited for our next collaboration at this summer’s convention and can’t wait to see what gets made.

For more information, follow Pipa on Facebook at  or check out her cosplay deviantart page You can also follow her on instagram


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