Tables at MancsterCon 2015

Take a sneak peak at who’ll be there at MancsterCon 2015! Tables for 2015 are now sold out, but if you’d be interested in exhibiting at future events send an email to

Knot Like That

Knot Like That will be selling her wonderful comic book decoupage accessories at this years’ MancsterCon.

Mewa Chu

Hey I’m Mewa-Chu, a manga style artist from Manchester who’s been creating stories and artwork since 2006. I draw fanart and original artwork and currently have a few online manga stories and two self-published books. I’m currently working on my next manga Midnight Black Cat which will be avaliable later this year. I’m also a cosplayer who … Continue reading Mewa Chu

Alicia Wright

Alicia L. Wright is an author who writes young adult comic fantasy. She also draws a webcomic called Vampires Don’t Belong in Fairytales. You can find her work on DeviantArt and Goodreads.  

Kate-Mia White

Kate-Mia White is an illustrator and writer based in Leeds. She studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art. For the past year she has been exhibiting and selling highly detailed prints and comics set in a steam punk world. She has now just stared her new and exciting comic A Dark Forest a story concerning two sister and disturbing tales, set amongst the … Continue reading Kate-Mia White

Jem Perks

Jem Perks is a freelance illustrator whose work has been featured in various zines including the first issue of the MancsterZine. He is currently working on a science fiction graphic novel ‘Keter’. You can find more examples of his work here.

Giuseppa Barresi

Giuseppa Barresi will be exhibiting at MancsterCon 2015. She hails from the Midlands and is the writer and artist for the comic series Soulsnatchers. She also illustrated the ‘Farsight’ series.  

Chocolate Revel

Chocolate-Revel is a duck-obsessed self-taught manga artist who works with digital media such as PaintTool Sai and Photoshop. He is currently working on his own manga series called ‘The Avatar of the Hidden World’, which can also be read for free on his website. Find more of his work on his facebook page.

Rozi Hathaway

Rozi Hathaway, author of The Red Road, is an illustrator, comics writer and creativity enthusiast based in Northampton, UK. Currently studying for a degree in Illustration, she is heavily drawn to narrative within her work and she has recently branched out in to writing, with her comic The Red Road self-published this year. Previously she has … Continue reading Rozi Hathaway


VoxelStorm, an indie game development studio based in England and Scotland.

Sammy Holden

Sammy Holden from Obscure Film Studio will be featured amongst the exhibitors and vendors at MancsterCon 2015.

Chris Browning

Creator of the Common Swings, Chris Browning, is back at MancsterCon, selling his zines and hadron plushies. Check out his Etsy site for more cool stuff.


Tom Ward, writer of the acclaimed ‘Merrick: The Elephant Man‘ will be joining the illustrious band of troublemakers and ink-swillers at this years’ MancsterCon!

Andrew Tunney

My debut, self-published comic GIRL&BOY was nominated for Best Comic in the first ever British Comic Awards in 2012. I’ve worked internationally in animation, character design, comics, print, fashion. Currently I am working as a regular illustrator for the BBC as well as the colourist on the upcoming comic “Peabody & D’Gorath” by M D Penman, … Continue reading Andrew Tunney

Brogan Coral

Brogan Coral is a general illustrator based in Manchester who studied illustration at university. Since graduating, she has exhibited at several conventions and continues to illustrate and create new things. Her work aims to be colourful and decorative, often with a feminine flair. Brogan also loves to make comics and debuted her first comic ‘Monster Heart’ … Continue reading Brogan Coral

Viridian Dawn

Viridian Dawn, better known as Erisiar, is an artist and illustrator using PhotoShop to create brightly coloured dream worlds heavily inspired by anime landscapes and scenery. She is currently aiming towards making and releasing her first graphic novel.

Cute And Quirky Girl

Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery. Made in Sheffield by Josie Martin Mendoza. Working since 2013 to lovingly make jewellery that will help you stand out from the crowd. Check out her Etsy Shop where you can see more of her gorgeous jewellery!


WART is a Lovecraft-influenced horror comic created by British writer Chris Welsh and Dutch artist Ammar Al-Chalabi. It’s the story of a man dragged into an insane other-world where his house is an asylum and giant monsters abound. There’ll be print copies and posters to pick up at our table. Find us online at

Dave Boydell

Born out of a love of sci-fi illustration and 3Dcgi, Dave is a professional illustrator with years of experience working in the games industry. Now working freelance, creating 2D and 3D illustrative works for many clients across the world. His personal work is taking a step into the seriously macabre and the seriously cute. Late … Continue reading Dave Boydell

Antique Teacup

antique-teacup better known as ‘tieka’ or ‘teacup’ is a digital artist with a passion for angels, demons and the supernatural in general. When she’s not drawing pretty boys which is very rarely she likes to create little comics about her characters and the worlds they live in. She is easy to please with offerings of … Continue reading Antique Teacup

Hellcherry Design

My Little Pony paintings and necklaces, flower wreaths and needle felt figurines!

Shaun Martland

Described by many as “Different” or “…interesting?”, Mr. Picto is an illustrator and animator based in Manchester. Not afraid of a bit of dirty work, he’s constantly experimenting to bring something unique to the fold. He’s currently working on an animated short about a particularly special Dinosaur, as well as various comic book projects. Check … Continue reading Shaun Martland


We’re very pleased to announce that Sophira-Lou will be returning to MancsterCon! Sophira-lou is a manga artist based in the UK. She loves drawing, acting like a nutcase and watching too many cartoons.

Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner, will be joining us once more at the University of Salford, Media City campus. Check out her tumblr blog to see more of her art.

Pastel Doll

Joining our array of kawaii goodness, Pastel Doll will also be at MancsterCon 2015.  

Steampunk heroine holding a gun against an Art Nouveau styled background

Lisa Cummins

Comic illustrator and animation graduate, currently working on a webcomic, Madam Butterscotch. Worked on illustration projects for various anime conventions up and down the country. Illustration website  

Naif walking through a garden market on a bright summer's day


Naniiebim is the artist name of Louise Ho, Illustrator and Artist based in the UK since 2003. Working on a range of commercial editorial and book illustrations and also a few comics including collaborations with Rhianna Pratchett in Gerd’s story for Legends of Red Sonja and Marin Conahagn’s Rougarou. Creator of self published comic Mephistos … Continue reading Naniiebim


North-East based independent comic author/illustrator, working on Hawkheir, graphic novel and comic projects with a unique European-Asian hybrid style.

Starburst Magazine

Since 1977, Starburst Magazine have been a central hub for all that’s happening in the world of sci-fi, tv and cinema.

R. A. Smith

R. A. Smith lives in Manchester, UK protected by cats, teddies and a wargaming army or two. An avid gamer, he is equally happy rolling a set of dice or suiting up in plate and swinging a sword at his friends. Sometimes, he will even brave video gaming. His favorite past jobs have been as … Continue reading R. A. Smith

Stitch in the Dark

A Stitch in the Dark creates cute geeky embroidered items, such as cuddly fleece cushions and coloured tote bags, with things such as Pokemon and Harley Quinn.

Bunbury Magazine

Bunbury Publishing LTD is committed to giving a platform to young and emerging writers and artists from all walks of life. We currently work with chapbooks and digital magazines. Our flagship magazine is Bunbury Magazine, an on-line arts-and-lit ‘zine. We have showcased poetry, short stories, non-fiction, art, photography and done interviews with all manner of … Continue reading Bunbury Magazine

Vintage Geek

An online shop specialising in Geek Chic meets Retro Nerd

Klub Kawaii

Klub Kawaii specialises in portrait and anime art. As well as the portraits, she also makes anime inspired tote bags and draws anime caricatures. Her Etsy shop can be found here.

HR-AM Comics

HR-AM comics are a small independent cartooning duo who specialise in personalised commissions such as design work, greetings cards and comic strips. Also, don’t forget to like their Facebook page and show them your support.

Sho-Saka Art

Sho-saka is a freelance artist based in Manchester. She also draws a webcomic series Red Saints Blue Devils, described as the mis-daily lives of a Human, a Demon and a Saint. You can follow her on Twitter @shosakauk


Futureworks provides Degrees, professional Diplomas and short courses in Audio, Film & TV, Games, Visual Effects and Animation. Our aim is to make your dream job a reality, with inspiring tutors, innovative technology and carefully designed courses. We give you the perfect platform to make an impact in the industry, with the right knowledge, skills … Continue reading FutureWorks

Dan Charnley

Illustrator Dan Charnley was born in the wilds of North West England and raised on a diet of comics, music, movies, big hills and ghost stories. Heavily influenced by Victorian engineering, monsters, Vikings, science fiction, MR James,  Italian horror films and Hammer Studios,  he has self published several comics that have disappeared into the mists of … Continue reading Dan Charnley

Elizabeth Morgan portrait

Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is a multi-published author of urban fantasy, paranormal, erotic horror, f/f, and contemporary; all with a degree of romance, a dose of action and a hit of sarcasm, sizzle or blood, but you can be sure that no matter what the genre, Elizabeth always manages to give a unique and often humorous spin … Continue reading Elizabeth Morgan


MOON GARAGE is the home of various works by Himmi, such as the fantasy slice-of-life manga, Chrysanthemum Alley, and the crude humour 4 panel comic This Is A Terrible Comic. When she’s not drawing comics, she is probably crying about some fictional characters whilst sipping pints of tea.  

Helen Daly

Helen Daly has always loved stories, and writing became a natural progression to reading. Reading with her own children, and then at schools in a hope of capturing the hearts and minds of the young. It wasn’t always about writing though, during her late teens, Helen stepped up her Latin American dancing and travelled Europe. … Continue reading Helen Daly

Dirty Angel

A new comic created by writing and art duo Danica Donaldson and David Ramsey. Artwork can be found here.

Adam Cadwell logo

Adam Cadwell

Adam Cadwell is a Cartoonist, Illustrator and Storyboard Artist in Manchester, UK. He is the creator of  Blood Blokes and The Everyday and the founder of the British Comic Awards.

Gina Rosa logo

Gina Rosa

Specialising in Gothic/Lolita accessories including headbands and broaches, Gina Rosa also makes little cute/kawaii goth soaps and much more all available to buy from her online shop. You can also follow her on Facebook.


Rebecca Shipton is an upcoming illustrator, with a passion for making Fuzzle Bombs and character design. Check out more of her light-hearted and unique creations at her website. You can also follow her on Twitter @Rshipton92

Deceived Ink

Created by Rod Simmonds, Deceived Ink will be selling original prints and artwork inspired by our favourite superheroes and superheroines.

Incredible Innovations

Incredible Innovations make custom made light signs for indoors featuring genre characters.

Debbie Jenkinson

Debbie Jenkinson’s comics can be found on her website. She is also the founder member of the Stray Lines Collective in Dublin which runs comics workshops, publishes anthologies and maintains a group tumblr.


Maker of stuff, drinker of tea, father of three. I’ve somehow managed to sell art to people in 6 out of 7 continents (I think they were just being kind), made a comic in 36hrs and get to do all the design and artwork for the rockabilly band The Go Go Cult. @Flintworks on instagram and … Continue reading Flintworks

Kellie Huskisson

Birmingham based artist who’s really into space, witches, and cats. Currently enjoys making comics about all of those things and more! She also has an on going series of books illustrating inspirational women who light up her life. You can find her work on her website and on her blog.

Venus' Vault logo

Venus’ Vault

Venus’s Vault are a mother and daughter team crafting together to bring you hand made items with a comic book theme, inspired by things we love.

Lady with black bobbed hair and pink housecoat reaching for a book

Saffa Khan

Saffa Khan is a zine maker & an illustration student from Manchester School of Art, who enjoys combining elements of photography & illustration to project a narrative of her memories & experiences as a woman artist of colour, questioning her beliefs and sexuality. She’s also a film enthusiast and wishes to some day become a Wes Anderson … Continue reading Saffa Khan

Austin Chambers tipping his top hat

Austin Chambers

By day, A.S. Chambers is a mild-mannered genealogist, armed only with a tweed jacket and a finely sharpened HB pencil. By night, he is the top-hatted creator of Lancaster’s long-sffering Sam Spallucci – investigator of the paranormal and all things weird.   He has a rather nice website at and actively encourage people to … Continue reading Austin Chambers

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