A warm welcome to HR-AM Comics!

HRAM stallHR-AM comics are a small independent cartooning duo who specialise in personalised commissions such as design work, greetings cards and comic strips. It’s always a pleasure to have indie comic creators on board and we’re very happy they’ll be able to make it in August!

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Gamer Gate and ‘The Promise of Happiness’

Like Fish.

femkill Sara Ahmed is the professor of Race and Cultural Studies at Goldsmith’s College at the University of London. I was given her 2010 book, “The Promise of Happiness,” as a gift, with the caveat that I was, in fact, a “feminist killjoy.”

Ahmed offers an analysis of how happiness is invented for people before they have a say in it, how that happiness comes to define us, and why we shouldn’t let it. We sense an obligation toward our own happiness, a duty, Ahmed notes, outlined before we ever have a say. Examples abound: Parents who warn their gay teenagers, “I just want you to be happy” as a warning that homosexuality will deprive them of that parent’s vision of future happiness. Or calls for minorities to stop finding things to complain about, to “think positively,” an encouragement to perpetuate the happiness of those with the privilege to enjoy it. Or…

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Himmi at MancsterCon 2015

Great news! Moon Garage will be one of the various artists joining us at MancsterCon this year:

sample2MOON GARAGE is the home of various works by Himmi, such as the fantasy slice-of-life manga, Chrysanthemum Alley, and the crude humour 4 panel comic This Is A Terrible Comic. When she’s not drawing comics, she is probably crying about some fictional characters whilst sipping pints of tea.

A Mancster Reviews: R.I.O.T. and the Narrative of Comics

By Florence Okoye

It’s not everyday you get invited to see a new show in Liverpool but one of the things I’ve learned since starting MancsterCon is that it’s surprising how often the not everyday occurs.

Panic Lab, a performing arts company, known for their fusion of contemporary dance, theatre and performance, were putting on a show called R.I.O.T., described as a comic book come to life with a dash of political commentary thrown in. Excited, I wasn’t ever likely to refuse and so once the tedious bit of organising my schedule had been done, I was all set for an evening about which I had absolutely no idea would turn out.

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Special guest alert: Lydia Wysocki at MancsterCon 2015!

Scribus-AsteroidBelter-page001If you like comics but have always wondered about how to use them for other projects, then it’s a good thing you’re coming to MancsterCon. Why? Well, because Lydia Wysocki, head honcho of Applied Comics Etc. and editor of the Asteroid Belter: Newcastle Science Comic will be attending MancsterCon 2015 as a special guest speaker to talk about her work and experiences in using comics in education, particularly with regards to communicating scientific research.