Who’s Who

Whether you’re a regular or a newbie, it’s good to know who’s who in the MancsterCon family. We are a group of volunteers who have somehow managed to get away with creating elaborate excuses, err, events to indulge our mutual obsession with comics, animation and cosplay. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of us around and about so here’s a guide to everyone in the MancsterCon team!


There’s always room for more! If you love comics, illustration, animation, indie games or you’d just like to join in the fun and games, tweet us, like us or email us to volunteer at MancsterCon.

Arun Hackett

Arun Hackett, co-Founder and Producer of MancsterCon. Fan of flat caps and Adventure Time figurines. Has a weakness for terrible puns and genre based in-jokes. Tweets @strontiumdogg.

Florence Okoye

Florence Okoye, co-Founder, Events and Marketing Manager for MancsterCon. A megalomaniac and fan of steampunk, gizmos, cosplay and sea cucumbers. Also Editor of the MancsterZine. Tweets @FINOkoye.

Molly Hutchinson

Molly Hutchinson, Events Assistant, Head of the Cosplay Division and overall cool person, a fan of Drag Queens, Baby Metal and all that is unwholesome and cosplay related. Tweets @Molly_Zombie

Al Conteh

Al Conteh is MancsterCon’s chief animator and student coordinator. He studies animation at the University of Salford and known for his highly renowned Bojack cosplay. Tweets @StyleZConteh

Sonia Soans

Sonia Soans, Academic Advisor. Helps out at events, gives seminars and can often be found ranting on various academic topics. Basically makes us seem like a proper thing. Tweets @SoniaSoanspsy.

Pauline Sometime

Pauline Sometime, Event and Marketing Assistant, Photographer/Videographer. Helps out with social media and events management. Fan of Neil Gaiman and fluorescent hair. Usually starts off comic related discussions with ‘In the original…‘ Tweets @paulinesometime.

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